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Canopies & Awnings

ANTECH Corporation has been installing canopies for parking and sun shade all over Southern Arizona for decades. Whether you're looking to cover cars, or people, we're the company to call to fabricate and install your new carport, backyard canopy or other outdoor overhead covered area awnings. We specialize in heavy…More +

ServiceLink® Maintenance

From the beginning, we knew that in order to provide our clients with complete customer service, our gated entry systems had to be maintained and serviced after the sale and installation was completed. With our ServiceLink® Maintenance Contracts, we not only protect your home, community or location, but we protect…More +

Parking Lot Control

ANTECH Corporation incorporates the most technologically advanced approaches to parking lot control solutions by providing its customers with the latest in methods to slow down, guide and control traffic. This is desirable in locations where limited vehicle entry or exit points exist. Controlling traffic is another layer of access security.…More +

Masonry & Concrete Flatwork

ANTECH Corporation provides professional, quality masonry and concrete flatwork for commercial and residential applications all across Southern Arizona.  From basic masonry work building brick walls, or masonry walls with custom finishes, to the most detailed artisan needs that require artistic influence and details, our services are extensive and our workmanship is beyond…More +

Structural Steel & Fabrication

ANTECH Corporation offers a comprehensive range of structural steel and metal work that delivers efficiency and value in an industry where speed of construction and affordability are mission-critical factors. Whether the installation requires high security or thoughtful elegance, or a combination of both, ANTECH is ready to respond to your…More +

CCTV Surveillance

Surveillance via Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is more than just being able to observe the activities of others. It enables management and security personnel to oversee who can access controlled areas, while recording and storing information for historic and/or legal use.More +

Fencing - Residential & Commercial

Fencing can be utilitarian as well as ornamental with a high level of security. Regardless of the type of fencing required, ANTECH Corporation designs and installs fencing to meet any need. We specialize in high security fencing, with electronic detection equipment for added peace of mind. We only use top-quality…More +

Controlled Access

Access Control is the second line of defense in your perimeter security system. A proper building access system welcomes those who are authorized, and deters those who are not. ANTECH Corporation has been installing gates and access control systems that include high level security features since 1949.  More +

Gates - Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial Gates are constructed from many types of materials and can be designed in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs. They can be based on utility or be ornate, but they all provide access points for your perimeter security system and are your first line of…More +

Access Data Migration

A significant part of access control is the hardware that connects access points to your system via telephone service, to allow the remote programming of your access database. The data used to allow access via keypad and telephone must be updated frequently to ensure qualified access.More +

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