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  • Gate Types:

    Single Leaf Swing
    Double Leaf Swing
    Parking (Lift Barrier)
    Traffic Bollards
    High Security

  • Gate Operators are devices that open and close gates when signaled to operate. These are located at the gate and are physically connected to the gate itself with an actuating arm. Gate Operators can be set up to operate wirelessly with a transmitter and receiver, or manually with a pushbutton or keypad. They may also be installed with a battery backup unit so the gate can still operate in the event of a power outage. Ground loops may also be installed that sense the presence of a vehicle, and activate gate opening. These are typically installed in the ground, on the inside of a gate where vehicles do not have to present security clearance or broadcast a security code for exit.

  • Gates & Gate Equipment Typically Include:

    Solar-powered Gate Operators
    DC Powered Gate Operators
    Slide Gate Operators
    Swing Gate Operators
    Lift Gate Operators for Parking Lift Barriers
    Battery Backup units
    RFID Systems
    License Plate Cameras and Readers
    In-ground Loops and Vehicle Detectors
    Traffic Spike Systems
    Emergency / Fire / Postal Access Boxes
    Warning Signs

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