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  • ANTECH Corporation offers options to conveniently monitor and manage any access point, from anywhere in the world. Because CCTV is always on guard, it is one of the most powerful security tools at your disposal. Because it records reality, CCTV is both a visual deterrent, as well as a legally useful tool that stands up in court. We design the best and most cost-efficient systems to fit your specific security needs using the latest technology. Our highly trained, professional and skilled technicians will install your system and provide complete management training to your staff for best results and ongoing use. Extended maintenance and support programs are also available with ServiceLink® that will keep your system running flawlessly and reduce the possibility of system downtime, while also fixing your maintenance costs. Allow us to perform a security evaluation for you to help you determine your surveillance and security needs.

  • Security Camera Types:

    Wi-Fi / Wireless
    High Definition (HD)
    Internet Protocol (IP) Wireless
    Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
    Home Camera Systems

  • Camera Styles:

    Vandal Resistant
    Motion Sensing
    Audio Recording

  • Contact ANTECH Corporation today to help you with your CCTV and Surveillance System needs. We’ll provide the most technologically-advanced solutions – regardless of your budget, to help you achieve your security requirements.

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