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  • Technology Changes - Causing Breakdowns

    With constantly changing and improving technology, at times it becomes necessary to migrate data from an obsolete system that is no longer supported by the manufacturer to a newer, supported system. When there is no next generation forthcoming; the current system becomes obsolete and parts are no longer available. If a new system must be set up, thousands of lines of data must be entered into the new system manually, costing time and money.

  • With the advent of cloud-based services and improved technology, many existing access systems are becoming obsolete and must be replaced with newer, more capable systems. The data contained in an obsolete system is still valid and needs to be migrated into the new system. Often, your data is locked up in an obsolete system – with no way out.

  • How Do You Repair the Unrepairable?

    This is where ANTECH Corporation comes to the rescue! We have database development staff adept at deconstructing databases through use of intermediary software and manual code editing. We unlock your data, keep it from languishing in an obsolete system, and format it for direct upload to your new system.

  • ANTECH Corporation will provide you with clean and usable raw data files for import into virtually any entry system’s database. Contact us for more information as well as professional sales, installation and service for your next access system.

  • Our Access Data Migration Services include:

    Data extraction
    Thorough cleansing of data, line by line
    Development of universally importable data
    Unlimited database size development
    Sales and installation of your new entry system
    Upload of database to your new system
    ServiceLink® Maintenance Programs

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